Seminars & Trainings

for Specialists and Executives

A targeted manager training is the basic prerequisite for a company’s consistently high performance. We help you develop and strengthen an individual leadership culture. Our manager training supports leadership expertise and is equally appropriate to active executives and prospective leaders.

Our seminar & training programs

What is to be done under pressure?
Effective stress management
Successful team leading
With team spirit and motivation to a better performance
Conflict management for executives
Communication is management task!


Process of learning
Our manager trainings are always arranged as a learning process in a mostly closed group. The common process takes place in multiple modules of several days, spread over one to two years.

Learning group / peer group
Between the seminar modules the groups work on own projects in which they are faced with challenges and can deepen and realize what they have learned.
As a learning group (peer group) they support each other. These peer groups often also network the managers cross-functionally with corresponding effect on the corporate culture. A “sponsor”, a member of the upper management, often accompanies peer groups which results in mutual inspiration.

Group size
We like working solely with groups up to 12 persons because there an intensive learning can be created amid a climate of mutual confidence.
In groups of more then 12 persons we work as a tandem.

Coaching & Supervision
Coaching and Supervision accompany the personal and collective learning process.

Our seminars & trainings result SUAVE ly in higher impact!

Our opinion is: He that wants sustainability has to set it up as a goal. For seminar and training participants this means that:

SUBSTANCE – meaning: Not staying on the surface but internalizing learning processes!

USE – meaning: Being able to put the newly acquired skills independently into practice!

ANCHOR – meaning: Mooring the implementation of the learnt things solidly!

VERVE – meaning: Open-minded attitude and joy of trying out and learning!

EFFORT – meaning: Willingness for engagement and challenges!

…play an important role for a sustainable learning and changing process.

House of sustainability

Schematic summary of key factors

  1. The purpose is sustainability. All aspects are considered through the glasses of sustainability.
  2. Positions of coach, participants, contracting entity and executive change.
  3. The teambuilding is set up as a process. The implementation of the learnt into practice is mandatorily agreed. Training and practice are closely interrelated.
  4. The participants are placed in the position to put the learnt independently into practice. Therefor they lean to reflect and adapt their own behaviour.
  5. Consequent strength- and solution-oriented approach of the participants is the foundation. They are regarded in their whole personality.
  6. The climate is characterized by appreciation, confidence and joy of learning and trying out.

„House of sustainability“

Haus der Nachhaltigkeit